App Crashed after trying to share to Facebook.

I can get the crash log off the device as I am in the iOS Dev program.

iPad (Retina)

iOS 6 Beta 4

Tried to ‘share to facebook’. It opened the facebook app, asked me to authorize, I did, it returned to newsblur ipad beta app

Beta app the left/right views were out of sync vertically. The right panel was shifted up about 1" or so and the application was hung. Eventually crashed to ‘desktop’ or whatever you want to call the main IOS app selection screen :slight_smile:

I figure I’m about 6 steps outside the norm here, and this was more informational to you than ‘fix it now’ whining. If you like i can hook my iPad to xcode and download the crash log and post it here. wasn’t sure where to put this as it’s pre-release iPad client + pre-release iOS6 and that’s got to be a hell of a ‘WTF is this…’ from a support statement. I more wanted to provide you with detail as I expect iOS 6 is a month or so from coming out.

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Heh, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we haven’t hit support for iOS 6 yet, but when we do, we’ll release a fix for all of these issues.