API Question - Mark Story as Starred (Saved)

I’m developing a Windows 8 Metro client for Newsblur, and I’m having some trouble with the API for making a story as starred/saved

The documentation for the API indicates it is expecting a story_id as a numeric - I can’t find this story_id value in the data that comes back from the /reader/feed/:id endpoint

Passing the ID returned from /reader/feed/:id (i.e. the url format) itself results in a 500 server error. Can you advise on the correct way to call this API, and where to get the numeric story ID from.

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Ok - I figured it out… my code wasn’t formatting the http Post request correctly. Sorry…

You should be able to just send the story_hash over. I’m deep in that code right now and rewriting a bit of it to support tagging. It shouldn’t change your use of it, but it will soon give better error messages.