API Documentation for "Text View"

Is there documentation for the “Text View” of NewsBlur? I don’t see it on https://newsblur.com/api; also, I don’t see anywhere in any of the API responses that would contain information about whether a feed should be read in text view.


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Let’s see, user preferences are available only in /reader/feeds. It’s under user_profile.preferences. But those views are web only, so only the web has access to them.

In fact, that’s why you can’t access that data. You shouldn’t. Every platform has its own preferences. Although text view does seem like one of those preferences that transfers, it can’t because there isn’t an Original view on mobile platforms. And Feed/List/Grid wouldnt transfer either. So it was never implemented just for Text view.

Anyway, to use the Text view, just hit /rss_feeds/original_text. Pass this:

    story_id = request.REQUEST.get(‘story_id’)   
    feed_id = request.REQUEST.get(‘feed_id’)
    story_hash = request.REQUEST.get(‘story_hash’, None)
    force = request.REQUEST.get(‘force’, False)
    debug = request.REQUEST.get(‘debug’, False)

Reason I don’t document it is because I don’t want API consumers to use it (apart from the official ios and android apps). But if you’re doing something one off, go right ahead.

A story_hash is all you need to pass it.