Any chance for RSS to email support?

I would love to be notified by email when a feed has content in it. Is there any chance of getting this without using another product?

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I’d love to build this feature, but I have a dozen other features ahead in line and priority. Anybody else want to see this?

definitely interested in this… even if it meant using a third party notification service, as long as it was well integrated and they didnt sell our email addresses to spammers

In that case, use IFTTT. It works great and has NewsBlur and email integration. 

Samuel any chance you could elaborate a little bit on that or point us to a site that does?  Is it just a matter of going to an IFTTT website service and concocting some kind of recipe?  

Yep, it’s pretty simple. Go to IFTTT and setup NewsBlur as the source and email as the destination.