app version: 7.0.3android version: 7.0 (MHA-L09C432B198)device: HUAWEI MHA-L09 (MHA)sqlite version: 3.9.2username: JimBserver: defaultmemory: normalspeed: 51 feeds in conn:1687 read:5 parse:22 store:21pending actions: pre:0 post:0premium: yesprefetch: nonotifications: nokeepread: nothumbs: no

What did you do with the last update?
I had to login again.
Every one of my preferences has been reset.

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This certainly should never happen unless you log out, uninstall and reinstall, or use the “clear data” option!  If it ever does again, definitely send us a bug report using the “Send app feedback -> Email a bug report” option as soon as you are logged back in and see your prefs reset.