I notice that the app hangs when scrolling through my RSS feed quickly in the latest beta version. It says “catching up on stories” and I’m unable to continue going through my feed until it finishes which takes 45secs to a minute. This didn’t happen in the previous version.

app version: 5.0.0b1
android version: 6.0.1 (MMB29P.WW-ASUS_Z00A-
device: asus ASUS_Z00AD (moorefield)
sqlite version:
username: Agrant
memory: normal
speed: 25 feeds in conn:595 read:6 parse:40 store:33
pending actions: pre:4 post:7
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no
thumbs: yes

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Is the “catching up” message still there when you do a refresh when online?  Looks like you definitely had some calls to the server getting stuck for some reason.

As for slow scrolling, it might be because you have the new thumbnails enabled.  All those extra images can take some oomph to deliver.  Would love to hear if enabling/disabling them makes a difference.

Yes it’s still present when I’m online though only when I have a large amount of unread items (over 30 unread).

sorry for the late reply.

I didn’t manage to capture the problem in it’s entirety but here’s a run up of events:

I had 28 unread items and I was scrolling through my rss feed quickly but that’s not unusual since I’ve normally done that using previous versions of the app. Suddenly I can’t scroll to see new items and I back out to see the following video.

Yeah, this is definitely what happens when an action gets stuck.  The app always tries to send your activity (reading, marking, saving, commenting, etc) back to NewsBlur before doing anything else so you don’t lose your work.  But something appears to be not going through.

Just to make sure we didn’t mess up something in the Beta, can you try logging out and back in?  That should fix things up and also tell us where to start looking for the problem.

I tried logging out and back in and I’m still experiencing the same problem.  it seems to happen if I scroll through my rss feed “too fast”. Is there some kind of way I can provide logs?

I can’t say for certain why too much scrolling would cause the app to have a hard time talking back to the servers.  Could you try logging out of the app, logging back in, and in the preferences disabling “Show Image Preview Thumbnails”, doing a refresh on the feed list screen then seeing if the issue comes back while reading?

I just tried your suggestion and the problem still persists. This is pretty much a deal breaker for me since I use the app for access my RSS the majority of the time. Is there anyway I can downgrade to the last stable version? I don’t want to use the beta anymore.

So it seems like this isn’t going to get fixed, I’ve canceled my subscription. I guess your ceo is too busy protesting trump  to care about the consumer product.

I disagree with your reasoning, but I’m happy to offer refunds to anybody who isn’t satisfied with the service. Also, take a look at NewsBlur’s commit log, I’m plenty busy working on the product: