Android: would like quicker share options

I’d like a shortcut to be able to share feeds to a default app, or last used app.

app version: 4.3.2
android version: 5.1.1
device: samsung SM-N900P (MSM8974)
username: scndthe2nd
memory: normal
speed: 136 feeds in conn:399 read:41 parse:71 store:169
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no


I take it you mean something like Firefox does where it shows the icon of an app in the context menu as well as the general share item?

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Exactly. I’ve seen this in a few other android applications too. Right now i’m trying to set up a ‘forward to watch later’ tasker share for youtube, either on the phone itself, or through eventghost and autoremote and i’m managing all my subs using newsblur.

I’m running a lot of share tasks to test, and making the init process shorter would be helpful, especially after I finally nail down the tasker sequence.

Can you post a screenshot so I know what you’re referring to?

FYI A couple of years ago I filed #404 to add something similar to what Firefox had implemented. However when I investigated further it seemed that a lot of custom code would be required so I didn’t think it with the effort. Though maybe things might have changed in newer versions of android.

Here is a screenshot of the latest Firefox showing the pocket icon within the menu.

So I’m trying to upload a shot of what I’d like, and what we currently have.

If it works, you should see a share option on the chrome context menu, on the right side of that share button is the icon for Facebook messenger, the last thing I used to share from chrome.

This is the current screen.