Android: want to open links in web browser by default

IMO the recent change to open links in an embedded web view is a usability regression. First, I strongly prefer to read web pages in a proper browser, with the affordances that the browser gives me, like the URL bar, bookmarks, read later functionality, etc. Second, many web pages do not render correctly in Newsblur’s embedded viewer. Third, I trust my browser’s sandbox more than I trust Newsblur’s. Finally, I sometimes want to let Android intents handle the link.

An option to disable opening links inside the Newsblur app would be appreciated.

app version: 4.2.3
android version: 5.1.1
device: htc Nexus 9 (flounder)
username: keunwoo
memory: normal
speed: 168 in 28 and 58
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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This was unfortunately broken by an Android update. We’ve fixed it and the fix is in beta right now. We plan on releasing the beta early next week.

If you really want to fix this, please opt in to the beta (so we can test it on more devices!).