Android: Stories don't appear until I hit Search

I believe my problem started as soon as I received the latest NewsBlur upgrade, I believe two weeks ago. Whenever I load a feed, a category of feeds, All Stories, or Saved Stories, no stories appear. In fact, nothing below the title bar appears.

I tried all kinds of steps to get stories to appear (switch story order, read filter, default view, etc.), but only hitting the Search button makes the stories appear. When I hit the back button after hitting the Search button, stories remain visible. I can load a story, then come back to this view, and stories remain visible.

When I back out of the view to NewsBlur’s main screen, then go back to the view, stories are once again invisible until I hit the Search button.

I’m running NewsBlur on older hardware, a Motorola Xoom, but everything was working properly until this upgrade. The Search button workaround is good enough for now, but I hope this behaviour can be fixed. Thanks!

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Oh, wow, that is not good at all!  Can you tap the “Send app feedback” link from the app and reply with that information here?  It could help us track down the problem a lot more quickly.

Here you go:

app version: 4.7.1
android version: 4.0.3 (I.7.1-34)
device: Motorola MZ604 (unknown)
sqlite version: 3.7.4
username: AllanLM
memory: low
speed: 50 feeds in conn:887 read:28 parse:281 store:2221
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no