Android: someone else's feeds have appeared on my timeline

When I switched to Newsblur this morning, there are 13 posts that appear before my expected ones, plus odd other ones within my timeline.
The RSS feeds summary does not show them. They are from feeds I’ve never heard of.
This browser doesn’t support the upload image images I’ll have to try on another.
app version: 4.9.0android version: 4.4.2 (KOT49H.T700XXU1ANF9)device: samsung SM-T700 (universal5420)sqlite version: 3.7.11username: JimBmemory: normalspeed: 40 feeds in conn:1061 read:6 parse:131 store:64pending actions: pre:0 post:0premium: yesprefetch: yeskeepread: no


15 minutes later, after posting here, then trying to log in another browser, and failing , I returned to Newsblur to find everything back to normal!

That sounds like your account went into demo mode or login got messed up.  Not sure if the backend was having some issues, but if it ever happens again, logging out and back in should clear things up.