Android "Send Story to..." sends truncated text of story, please improve to send all text

Occasionally, I want to send a news story consisting of text to friends via email. Unfortunately, the Android “Send Story to…” selection in Newsblur only sends a truncated version of roughly the first paragraph of text. What would be much better is to send ALL the text of the story rather than a truncated version, as I find I have to do a cut and paste operation off the Newsblur screen and embed the story in a new email.

Why truncate the story at all? It is easier to delete text if the user only wants to send a portion of a story, than forcing a manual cut and paste operation using fingers…

OR… make it a selectable choice in preferences…you could have a checkbox to change the “Send Story to” option to send ALL the text of a story, vs merely the first paragraph. This would allow user control.

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Are you running a fairly recent version of the app?  If so, there should be two options: “Send link to…” and “Send story to…”, the latter of which will send the full story, provided the feed itself doesn’t truncate the story.  If you’re up-to-date and seeing truncation, it may be a limitation of your device or email client; we send the full text you see while reading to the Share Intent.

That’s right, the full text should be part of the shared story data package if its there. Can you show a screenshot of the content you expect to be included and the data package in another app? I wonder if you’re in a view that’s not the main story view or whatever might be different from our assumptions.