Android: Reading old to new

Is there a way to read feeds from oldest to newest in the Android app?

I have this preference setup on the web. Does Android not use the same preferences?


Nope, it doesn’t, but this feature is slated for the next Android release.

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I know you are a bit busy at the moment (I wouldn’t want to have to rush install new servers to cope with unexpected load) but any idea when this release may be.

The decision over which service to move to following the demise of Google Reader depends more on the functionality of the Android app than it does on the Web site. Currently none of the services I have tried fits the bill. Fedly looks pretty but it’s app is terrible functionally. Yours is better functionally but still not perfect (see flow reader or news rob for good examples of perfect)

So, sort by oldest and in an ideal world offline caching (if only pulling down the next 50 items when you get to the 40th so you don’t have to wait on rubbish connections.)

I will keep playing with your site, espied it’s current difficulties it seems quite good. I hope it calms down for you soon.

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I really like NewsBlur and the dev web interface is great but the inability to read from old to new on Android is a deal breaker even though I paid for a NewsBlur subscription. I have several time sensitive feeds that I keep in another reader for the moment that need to be read starting with oldest first. The offline would be nice since I read mostly during my commute on my Nexus 7 and there are spots where I don’t get reception on my MiFi.

Can the Android sync the folder settings? I prefer oldest first but there’s no option on app. Best solution would be that whatever I have it set to on web the android app uses, that way I set my preferences in one place.

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Any idea when the next release will be? I need both the oldest first and offline caching for the Android app to be of much use to me. Thx

I would very much like to see reading oldest to newest as well. Another item that I would appreciate is to incorporate the feed-text-story feature of the website into the Android app. That way (like Press or NewsRob) I don’t have to leave the app to read a full story.

I’d also like to see this very much. Without it the app is pretty much useless to me.

This feature is now in the latest version on Android.