Android: Read/unread incorrect if feeds update while reading

In the Android app, if I’m reading an article and Newsblur updates a feed and caches a new article while I’m reading, hitting “back” to go to the articles list will show the article I was reading as unread (and other more complicated versions of same). This seems blatantly to be some kind of synchronisation fail, where the underlying sequence-of-articles list has changed, but the corresponding sequence-of-read/unread-markers isn’t updated accordingly.

This has been a problem since I started using NewsBlur a couple of years ago; my search-fu seems inadequate to finding others’ descriptions of the problem though. I’m sure this must have been discussed to death?

… another symptom of this swiping right to go to the next article but ending up on exactly the one I’ve just read. The underlying list has obviously had a new article inserted at its head, but the article-I’m-reading indicator hasn’t been updated in response to that insertion.