Android: Read and marked as read stories reappearing AGAIN. User not subscribed AGAIN

This had diminished if not gone away.

Today it is just dreadful.

Many times despite marking articles read, or even reading the, they reappear in huge blocks. Three I’ve had the pop up User not subscribed.

Surely Surely after all of these months this should be permanently fixed?

app version: 4.7.1android version: 4.4.2 (KOT49H.T700XXU1ANF9)device: samsung SM-T700 (universal5420)sqlite version: 3.7.11 username up te: JimBmemory: normalspeed: 38 feeds in conn:1948 read:4 parse:52 store:37pending actions: pre:0 post:0premium: yesprefetch: yeskeepread: no

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We have a beta coming up that we’ve been internally testing for a couple weeks that should make db operations faster and more reliable. Most of these issues are due to network issues that don’t catch up in time and get out of sync.

If you’re not on the beta channel yet, you should get on it.

Thanks.  Yes I am on the beta channel.  Look forward to it.