Android: Option to Disable Social Comments

As mentioned in the original feedback threads for “social”, I have absolutely no interest in seeing comments by strangers on stories I read. On the website, I use a CSS override to hide them. Unfortunately, on the android app, this isn’t an option. Worse yet, the extra space wastes a much higher percent of my screen on mobile than on desktop.

Please give us an option to hide comments by strangers.


Reasonable preference. At some point I’ll have to introduce a number of preferences to the mobile apps, and this will be one of them.

Sam, I’m sure you’re swamped right now (great job handling the heat though) but I hope this becomes a priority once you’ve scaled out a bit. I would love a preference, both on the desktop and on mobile, to hide the train/save/share links and social comments. Maybe the can go into a menu if you don’t want to hide them completely. But I use NewsBlur because I want a simple and fast RSS reader, not a social network; the three large buttons and occasional shared/commented bars impede the reading experience.