Android: No Backsies

For the last several betas, I can’t go “back” to NewsBlur from the browser. I have to open it again and again

app version: 4.3.0b5
android version: 4.4.4
device: LGE Nexus 4 (MAKO)
username: CatsAreGods
memory: normal
speed: 0 feeds in conn:0 read:0 parse:0 store:0
premium: unknown
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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Like, if you tap a link out to your main browser, you can’t use the back button to return to the app?

Which browser are you using?

Just Chrome.

If you click a link in a story and it then opens in Chrome, what *does* happen if you hit “back” as soon as it finishes loading?

Also, are you running a custom ROM, a memory/battery saver, or any XPosed modules?

It goes back properly when I do that.

I’m running stock ROM, Hell’s Doctor kernel, and lots of Xposed.

Hmm, so under what conditions does it fail to go back? Is it a matter of being in the browser for some amout of time?

Ha! Your question made me remember: a few weeks ago right before a trip, I noticed NewsBlur was running in the background hours after I had last used it, so I put it in the list of a task killer if it wasn’t being used. Switching away to the browser for more than 60 seconds is undoubtedly what triggered the problem. Thanks for helping, even though it wasn’t your fault!

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Ah, makes sense!  If you are worried about the app running in the background, just uncheck the “Download Stories” preference and the app will never, ever run unless you are actively viewing it, even if it is in your app switcher.