Android NewsBlur crashing

Just installed 13.2.5, so will let you know how it goes… :crossed_fingers:

@suckelo / @animaux1 Have you been experiencing the same crash on 13.2.5?

It’s much improved for me. I open it on my phone maybe 8-10 times a day and I recall it crashing exactly twice in the last five days while reading stories (a live-able amount which I think could still be better), but it’s a huge improvement over when it was crashing as frequently as it was. Definitely headed in the right direction! Thanks!

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@andrei so far so good. I haven’t had a crash in the last days. Will continue trying to reproduce and will let you know if it happens again.
Thanks for the quick fix and communication

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I am still experiencing several crashes a day just navigating through feeds and opening stories in text mode.

I still see maybe one a week, but considering I open newsblur about 15-20 times a day it’s pretty good…

What I have been seeing, and maybe it’s really a crash, but, I’ve been thinking it’s just lockups. When opening a story (android, latest version of newsblur), I get the heading at the top of the app but then it just freezes. I have to close out and restart, sometimes I have to restart the app 2 or 3 times before it works correctly.

I see this about 5 times a day now (out of maybe 10 sessions?). The app freezes on story load and becomes unusable. I have to crash it as wait does nothing.

It doesn’t seem to be specific to any one feed as I’m seeing it on news sites with image/text and subreddit notifications alike. I’ve used newsblur and the android app for almost 10 years with no issues like this so it’s something recent.

Sounds about the same as my experience

It won’t even open on my phone this morning, even after a reboot of the phone…
Immediately crashes.
Other apps working fine.
Works fine on the laptop…
I sent in a screen capture.

@andrei is working on a fix, thanks for sending the recording.

Not a problem! I got mine working again by removing and reinstalling…

The reports point to a possible issue within the package which is a dependency for the WebView on the device and it is external to NewsBlur.

I’ll post another update later today after more investigation.


@animaux1 @CanadianAlcyone Does this happen on the very first story that you’re opening since app start or only subsequent ones or both?

It seems to always be a subsequent one.

I have released 13.2.8 to beta testers with a potential improvement. Please let me know if it helps with the issue @animaux1 @CanadianAlcyone

Thank you @andrei, I installed the beta and will monitor over the next few days.

I did not install the beta, but did update when it was released. I still see occasional crashes. Maybe one yesterday and one the day before.

It will freeze/crash when I press on a title to open a story, then I have to completely exit out. Sometimes I have to wait until the “close app” android box comes up to get newsblur to close. Once I get it re-opened I can then go back to the same story and it will open ok.

@animaux1 Is Chrome your default browser? If so could you see if it does the same with a different default browser or the in app browser? Android App Crashing After Update - #9 by andrei

yes, chrome is the default browser on my phone.
I tried Chrome and the Samsung browser logging in thru the web site (instead of the app) and didn’t have any issues in the 10 minutes or so of opening story’s in each.

I did send in a couple of bug reports late last night.

I just now sent a 3rd bug report from my even older Samsung tablet (running android 7.1.1).