Android NewsBlur crashing

anyone else having issues with newsblur crashing repeatedly on android?
I’ll be looking at my unread stories and when I tap on one to open it the app crashes.
Has been happening for a few weeks now. I removed and reinstalled a couple of days ago with no change.

Was there not a new version released a couple of weeks ago? The crashes were occurring before that update.

The desktop/browser version works ok.

Android 11 on a Samsung A50 phone. Newsblur version 13.2.3

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What’s your username? @andrei might be able to take a look. We had some reports of crashing on 13.2.0-13.2.2, but they should all be fixed for 13.2.3.


Hi @animaux1 I wasn’t able to reproduce a crash with your data and I also checked the Play Store logs for crashes on Android 11 and Samsung A50 device but without a hit.
Since the crash occurred before the recent updates I’m more intrigued. Could you record the screen when this happens so I can try and replicate with the exact same story? Also there is 13.2.4 available as of today.

Interesting…I’ve been tapping around and not getting any crashes this morning. I did update to 13.2.4 yesterday before I saw your message @andrei, so perhaps the update fixed it? I’ll continue taking screen recordings for the next day or two and see how it goes…

ok, I was able to capture several crashes and a screen shot. How to get them to you?

Email them to and that’ll go to both @andrei and me.

I sent a link to a google share due to the large file sizes involved…

Hi here, I’m still experiencing sporadic crashes, using an android 9 Samsung S8 with v13.2.4.

The amount of crashes has definitely reduced after the update from 13.2.3 to the current version, but I still get them sometimes.

My steps to reproduce are:

  • Have the app in the unread view.
  • Have unread feeds in several folders (don’t know if its a deciding factor, but maybe at least 5 or 6 folders, with maybe 10-15 feeds in total).
  • Have swipe left-to-right to save a story, right-to-left to unsave set.
  • Go iteratively from top to bottom through all the feeds. Click on one, saving a story or more (not in all the feeds) by swiping, mark all stories in a feed as read (which brings me back to the “unread” view). It can also be that I save a story by mistake and immediately unsave it. This also doesn’t happen often and I couldn’t say that it matches with when the crashes happen.

Depending on the speed of this processing of the feeds, I get crashes or not.

I can imagine that this is not the most standard behaviour of how to handle stories, but up until 12.3.2. I can’t recall to have crashes, then it skyrocketed in 12.3.3. and reduced (but not disappeared) in the current version.


A fix has been made and an update will be pushed out shortly


Just installed 13.2.5, so will let you know how it goes… :crossed_fingers:

@suckelo / @animaux1 Have you been experiencing the same crash on 13.2.5?

It’s much improved for me. I open it on my phone maybe 8-10 times a day and I recall it crashing exactly twice in the last five days while reading stories (a live-able amount which I think could still be better), but it’s a huge improvement over when it was crashing as frequently as it was. Definitely headed in the right direction! Thanks!

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@andrei so far so good. I haven’t had a crash in the last days. Will continue trying to reproduce and will let you know if it happens again.
Thanks for the quick fix and communication

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