Android: new stories not loading anymore

The story count is positive for many feeds. But for several days, no new stories are showing up when I click a feed. The old ones are still there, but no new ones. Any advice? I’m almost out of things to read, and I’m missing tons of new stories!

app version: 4.2.3
android version: 5.1.1
device: LGE Nexus 4 (MAKO)
username: dumbmatter
memory: normal
speed: 50 in 12 and 391
premium: no
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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Do the unread counts in the app match what you see on Do you see the same stories for those feeds on the website if you use the same unread filter and story order?

The unread counts do match, and they update in the app after I read an article on

I do not see the same stories in the app and the website, though. The website works normal - if it says I have N unread stories, I can click that feed and see N unread stories listed. In the app, I only see unread stories that were there before this problem started happening - so for feeds where I read everything posted up to several days ago, no stories are listed.

Also maybe related… for the past couple months I noticed a somewhat similar bug. Unread counts would always be the same between the app and the website, but reading a story on the website would not actually remove it from the list of unread stories for a feed in the app. The opposite situation worked - reading a story in the app removed it from the list on the website. I never reported this bug because it was not a huge problem for me, but it could be related.

You don’t have the app set to “Focus” mode, do you? (If you’re not sure, tap “Unread” at the bottom of the screen.)

Nope, it was in “Unread” mode the whole time.