Android NB client "out of sync"

The Android app is badly “out of sync” and does not fetch any new feeds / articles for the past ~week or so. Upon launch it echoes 'Catching up 1 reading actions…" but does not update any feed status / fetch any new news.

When set to
“Unread Only”, already read stories appear in that feed, even though the app knows they are read (showing them not in bold).

This occurs on Android app (latest version: 5.1.0). On Web browser (using Firefox) everything works / syncs ok.

Tried deleting app-cache on the phone > no help. Did not yet remove app-data nor logged out.

This makes NB totally unusable on mobile.

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Solved: Log-out > clear cache > log-in did the trick! All in sync now.

Case closed.

Yep, thank you for reporting this. We have a fix going out tomorrow.