Android: mark older read hides read items and list of items jumps off screen.

Latest update.
When I mark all older as read, they now disappear from the feed, which is back to what happened a year or more ago. It also jumps so that the next item in the list is up above and off the screen.

I far far far prefer the action we’ve had in between which left the read items showing. Please can we have it back?

app version: 4.10.0b2
android version: 4.4.2 (KOT49H.T700XXU1ANF9)
device: samsung SM-T700 (universal5420)
sqlite version: 3.7.11
username: JimB
memory: normal
speed: 38 feeds in conn:1188 read:7 parse:290 store:140
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
keepread: no

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Is this happening in a feed or folder?  Is the feed/folder set to Unread Only or All Stories?

It happened all of one day in the UNREAD Stories. 
Thankfully, Now it is back to normal.  So long as I don’t go back to the summary page, if I read a story and come back to the UNREAD list of all stories, or if I go out to a browser and return to NewsBlur, or if I mark all older as read, the read stories are still there but greyed out.  I don’t know why it changed for that day, but it did on both tablet and phone. 
I was concerned that NewsBlur had changed something that meant it had reverted to an earlier problem , but for the last 5 days it has worked as normal.
Panic over for now.

Reading stories in Unread Only mode on Android should work just like on the web - the story list is any unread story plus any stories that were unread when you first went to that list.  In the app we have done everything in our power to keep that state of “what was unread when you started looking at that story list” around reliably, but mobile resources can be limited in unpredictable ways and sometimes we have to sync back to the server, which doesn’t track that notion of what-was-unread.  At the worst, the list might have to give up and just show you what is unread (think about it as if you were reading in Unread Only mode on the web and your browser had to restart).

If you ever do see stories disappear that should have just gone gray, do let us know the last few actions you did in the app.  Sometimes we can massage a bit more leniency out of the Android framework with regards to how long it lets us save state.

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