Android: I would like a one-tap "mark as unread" in the article view

It’s mildly annoying to reach the three dots menu (I’m a lefty!) and select Mark as Unread if I want to keep an article new for reading later. Maybe there could be an “unread” icon in the article header that I could tap? Or maybe a button in the article footer (next to Train, Share, and Save)?

(I like to swipe left to paw through the articles in a feed and I don’t always feel like reading each one right then.)

NewsBlur is lovely and I’m so grateful to Samuel for keeping it going all these years.

app version: 11.2
android version: 12 (SKQ1.210821.001.31.1004.0404.81 release-keys)
device: asus ASUS_I006D (lahaina)
sqlite version: 3.32.2
username: smammy
server: default
speed: 59 feeds in conn:531 read:2 parse:11 store:14
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
notifications: no
keepread: yes
thumbs: no