Android: General Sync Issues

I know there are a few other GetSat entries for issues with stories correctly syncing back the fact that they have been read, but I hadn’t seen one for the other issue that impacts me just as often.

Almost any time I open the app, the list of feeds/stories is way out-of-date. Sometimes the spinner goes and stops, sometimes it just keeps spinning. Tapping the refresh icon eventually gives me an updated view of the world, but often the little spinner just keeps on going, making it hard to decide if the update is done.

Similarly, when my home screen is updated, tapping a feed briefly (or not-so-briefly, sometimes it lasts 10-15 seconds) shows a very out-of-date view of stories. It would be really nice if that list were sync’d when the home page syncs, or if it had a wait-to-load screen between them. Seeing a few stories from hours/days/weeks ago is pretty confusing, even if I expect it to happen.

Android v2.3.7
NewsBlur v1.0.0


Yeah I mentioned this to my Android developer, but it’s not an easy fix. I hope that coming updates make this work a bit more reliably though.