Android: Folder Collapsing is Buggy

Really wish I had a better way to describe the issues or provide repo steps, but the bug is common enough I hope others see it.

I have 25+ folders. There are usually several (N>5) with unread items, and I stay in ‘Unread’ view. If, on the main screen, I collapse a folder by tapping the arrow on it’s right edge, it collapses. If I then go read a few feeds in a different folder and back out to the main screen, some of the following happen:

  1. the folder I collapsed is no longer collapsed
  2. other folders I did not collapse are now collapsed

It almost smells like an off-by-1 or off-by-N bug. Case 2 happens often after I have just collapsed a different folder. Case 1 happens often after un-collapsing a folder that I didn’t want collapsed.

Android v2.3.7
NewsBlur v1.0.0


Added to the feedback list. Hopefully there’s a fix for this bug soon. I noticed this during beta testing, but it was cleaned up. Somehow it’s back.

Confirmed as still there on 1.0.55 even after a clean re-install and settings wipe.

Perhaps interestingly, I’ve noticed that this behaviour seems to almost always occur with folders also affected by the issues described here:…

Hope that might help with debugging either one!