Android: Feeds won't update when first opened

Love the service and haven’t had any issues until recently. Upon opening the app, all of my feeds update. Then when I open a single feed, the new stories aren’t there. Instead, I have to back out once and then reopen the feed to see all of the updated stories. I Can’t say for sure, but I think it’s been happening for about a month. Using the newest Moto X.

app version: 4.2.2b1
android version: 5.0
device: motorola XT1095 (MSM8974)
memory: normal
speed: 75 in 20 and 45
premium: yes
prefetch: no

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Hmm, looks like you are on the beta, so this is definitely good feedback!

When you say new stories aren’t there - are there old stories there?

Does it still happen if you wait for the sync on the feed list to complete?

Happens to me as well for 4.2.1 on Android 4.4.2

Me as well, on multiple devices.

New Phone:
4.2.1, Android 5.0.1 and Android 5.1.

I did not experience this problem on my old device when it was running 4.3, but did experience it when I updated that device to 4.4. I don’t have the exact version numbers handy.

When you open up a feed, you will see the stories that were present the last time you opened the feed. “Fetching fresh stories…” will appear at the bottom, and the screen will refresh to reflect the “read” status of any items on that page. The bug is that new stories are _not_ displayed at this time. “Fetching fresh stories…” will disappear as normal, but new content will not be pulled in until you hit back once and open the feed again.

Excellent, thanks for the details.  I think I have an idea or two.  Watch out for the next beta.

Thanks! Just to reiterate, unlike the original poster I am not running the beta. This is 4.2.1 with no b suffix. I’ll be more than happy to try out a beta with a proposed fix though.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the 4.3->4.4 upgrade that I mentioned involved a full reflash. Both of my devices experiencing the bug were fresh installs of the Newsblur app with no carried over user data.

Hi. 1) Yes, the old stories are there. 2) Well, my feeds update on the app’s main page. When I enter an individual feed, nothing loads but just remains stagnant (I think I’ve waited up to a minute to test it at one point). It may be worth mentioning that when I open a feed for the second time, the stories are there immediately - no loading necessary. It’s like they’ve already been loaded or cached when I accessed the feed initially, but they just weren’t showing up. Thanks!

You’re right, I think this bug exists in both the 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 versions of the app.  It should be unrelated to platform version.

Do you have the “Download Stories” or “Keep Stories After Reading” options checked in the app preferences?  I have a fix out for the next beta, but want to make sure it covers all cases.

Originally neither. Before I came across this bug thread, I had tried enabling “Download Stories” and set “Download Using->Any Network” as an attempted workaround but it did not seem to help. I’ve disabled it since then.

“Keep Stories after Reading” has never been enabled for me.

As a work-around, enabling “Download Stories” will help, but ensure the “Download Using” setting is right so you don’t use background mobile data unintentionally.

I have the same problem on Android phone and tablet.  What’s presented is usually what was there the last time I opened the feed.  Backout and then in again and all is well.

Anyone who was experiencing this, check out the Beta update that is coming out today.  Let me know if it didn’t fix things up!

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the beta requires a Google+ account. I burned mine after the Google Reader fiasco, which is how I got started with Newsblur to begin with. :frowning:

As far as I know, I haven’t changed anything on my settings or anything, but today this problem seems to be gone for me. I’m using Newsblur 4.2.1 on Moto E with Android version 4.4.4

Well, I seem to have spoken too soon. I’m starting to think that in my case at least, the difference is in how I exit the app. Often when I am done I simply press the home button while viewing a story. This means that when exiting the app I skip the Newsblur starting screen and the “Catching up to read stories” action/message that I would get if I used the back button to get back to the Newsblur starting screen after reading items.