Android: Feeds don't auto-update

At some point in the last couple of months feeds stopped auto-updating. To trigger an update I often have to open the feed, return to the main menu, choose refresh, and then reopen the feed.

app version: 4.1.0
android version: 5.0.1
device: LGE Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
memory: normal
speed: 65 in 113
premium: yes


You won’t get just-fetched stories in a feed while actually in that feed (ie: when you are viewing the story list or an individual story in that feed).  This is so that the stories don’t jump around in the list while you read them.  Going back out to the feed list / changing feeds always shows you the newest stories that were fetched in the meantime.

Just curious - does your flow of reading not take you back to the feed list when you finish a feed?

No, I mean I open NewsBlur, look at the feeds list, open a feed, and find very stale stories until I do the steps above. Until recently I’d see fresh stories when doing that.