Android: export saved links

Is there a way to sump the list of saved stories as a text file, at least just the links. I don’t want to lose them in case the app fails or mistakenly gets deleted,

app version: 4.9.0
android version: 5.0.2 (LRX22G.P550XXU1AOH2)
device: samsung SM-P550 (msm8916)
sqlite version: 3.8.6
username: rosscargill
memory: normal
speed: 5 feeds in conn:674 read:2 parse:21 store:29
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: no
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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They are stored on the server, so you won’t lose them. You can publish RSS feeds for your saved stories, which is a great way to export them. But you can only get the address on the web.