Android doesn't mark items as read all the time

The Android app doesn’t mark items as read properly. Sometimes it works the first time, sometimes after several times. Sort of. I’m often shown items I’ve not only already read, but shared and commented on. The unread count is usually wrong and sometimes weirdly wrong (-4 unread items!). All problems described & shown below were recorded using yesterday’s release, but also occurred in prior releases.

Below is a series of screenshots showing a typical sequence of my use of the app with descriptions.

I open the app, it says I have 8 unread. I choose “All stories.”

Then I choose the first story and start reading/scrolling thru them. Everything is fine until I get to this 3quarksdaily story. I’ve not only already seen this story, but shared and commented it. And NewsBlur is showing me that I’ve shared and commented it. Grrr.

The articles before and after this one are also ones I’ve already seen so I choose to go back to “All Stories.” NewBlur shows me a greyed out list of stories that I’ve already read. I’m pretty sure there’s more that I haven’t read, so I choose "All stories at the top.

Now NewsBlur thinks I have NEGATIVE unread stories. That’s kinda weird. So I choose the refresh button at the top.

Refreshing puts me back at 8 unread - what I started with. What a coincidence! I choose “All stories.”

The list of stories I’m shown looks like all stories I’ve actually already read. I choose the first article and scroll through them again - maybe there are a few in here I haven’t seen before, or the second (third?) time thru will be the charm.

Here’s another one that I’ve already shared and commented. Grr. I choose “All Stories” at the top.

And am shown a greyed out list of the items I just scrolled through. I choose “All Stories” at the top.

And I get -1 focus stories and an unread count of 0. Weird. So I choose refresh.

Refreshing takes me back to 8 unread. Again. But this time when I choose “All stories”…

I get a blank screen that says “Loading stories” forever.


This is a known issue that’s being worked on. A temporary workaround is to use the Mark all as Read menu item when reading in a feed, it will correctly mark things. Keep an eye out for another app update this month.

The workaround is not possible for me and many other users because of problems with feeds being listed: my feeds never show up.

I thought the update yesterday was supposed to fix these android problems? Until a release that does, blar is the only “workaround” for many android users.

That’s the second known issue that’s also being worked on. You should soon be able to see individual feeds that are not under a folder.

The problem of items not being marked as read consistently is still occurring for me in version 1.3

Quite a bit of code to fix this bug was submitted just yesterday. Look out for improvements the next release of the app!

Just submitted the latest app, so it’ll take a couple hours to get to your device. Let me know if it works.

I’m using version 1.3.2 and still being shown stories I’ve already read and negative unread counts.