Android client has "issues" when there are bad feeds.

If you have any feeds which failed(i.e. show up with the red exclamation mark when using the regular web iterface), then this seems to cause the android client to fall over and not download new unread stories, etc. Deleting the bad feed through the web interface allows the android client to update normally.

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I haven’t yet encountered any such feeds; do you have a link to one so I could subscribe and take a look? I’m not sure if that will even work, but try pasting the full URL of the site when you have it loaded via web.

Here’s a URL of one of the ones that went bad on me (showed up with a red exclamation):

I’ve deleted the other ones, and I can’t remember what they were, although I may still be able to find them in my Google Reader feed.

I tried re-adding the URL above and it seems to be working fine now, so it may have just been a temporary thing.

I know that this first started happening, I hadn’t made the connection with the android client not refreshing and “bad” feeds. Usually things would clear up after a day or so (probably because the misbehaving site corrected itself, or was just experiencing a temporary outage).

So, if it happens again, what can I do to help diagnose the problem? I could try a wget on the URL and see what it reports. Are there any other tools you use?

Yeah, the site is working fine for me, too.

To debug the android-specific issue, the best approach would be to get us a logcat. If it isn’t something you’re already familiar with, though, don’t sweat it. Hopefully one of the devs will encounter a bad feed before long and we can see how things behave.

OK - the next time I see the problem, I’ll grab a logcat and take note of which URL was causing me issues.