Android app unusable for multiple weeks...

For the last few week newsblur has been basically unusable on Android. Both my nexus 7 and my moto x are having stability and performance issues.

I have been using newsblur since Google Reader was shut off, this is the first time I have been disappointed by the service.

I have submitted multiple crash reports using the standard crash reporter tool.

Will this be addressed soon?

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It’s killing me that it’s so unusable. I’m working with our two Android developers right now and we’re trying to get a fix out. It shouldn’t be so buggy. 

If this continues to plague us, we’ll go back to the last working version and try rebuilding from there. I know it’s unusable and I’m taking a lot of pains to fix it.

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My preference would be to revert Android users to the last stable version now while you are addressing the issue.

If not all users are having the issues, can you provide downgrading as an option for those of us who are?

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I concur; I would prefer a downgrade at this point.

I agree. I have used newsblur now for 2 years and I don’t want to leave but the situation is a bit too far gone to ask for us to continue to be patient.

Yeah, If you could post the last working version while you work out the kinks that would be great. I haven’t been able to use the Android app in over a month.

Problem is that we posted this beta version for a month and everybody who used it agreed that it was incredibly fast and had no issues. We can’t do that again since we won’t catch the problems. 

Just know that we’re working laboriously on the issue and will have a fix out ASAP.

You must mean “everybody who used it AND bothered to give feedback.”  Because this Android user hasn’t been able to use the app since before Thanksgiving. I know you’re working hard on fixes, but PLEASE can we have temporary downgrade option?

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It sounds like the pool of beta testers you have today does not represent the diversity of the full user pool.

I’ll volunteer to act as a beta tester on one or more of android devices if you allow us to use an older version at the same time so I’m never stuck without a working version.  I suspect others who are currently having this issue would agree to be in the beta pool as well.

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Ok, I’m near the re-release point. I’m asking now and hope to get a timetable for an improved release maybe a month from now. That new release will possibly use a new database technology that would fix our issues, which all revolve around a database that’s constantly locked.

If you want to follow along, take a look at the github thread: