Android app profile/blurblog enhancements

Is there any way to expand the profile/personal blurblog section of the Android app? Right now I can only see the last few items I’ve shared but would like to be able to see all of them (…and search, but I realize that’s a bigger/different enhancement). And not only can I only view a couple, the links for each one don’t work, so I can’t get back to read an item I shared previously but want to go back and read again.


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Yeah, this is quite a body of work. The links work in iOS and on the web, but both took an extraordinary amount of effort, and for the most part people don’t use them.

Could you have the Android app just open the mobile web blurblog page (in an embedded webview or external browser)? That negates any need for development but immediately gives full functionality for those who want to use it.

I would personally vote an external browser, as one could use search/open in new tab, etc