Android: App opens empty

I have the app set to download stories in the background so that I can have offline access. However, when I open the app it always is missing all unread stories until I refresh. The load speed makes it clear that the background download is working. However, not being able to access the pre downloaded items until I refresh defeats the purpose of an offline mode.

app version: 4.5.0
android version: 5.0.2
device: HTC HTC One (APQ8064)
sqlite version: 3.8.6
username: antgiant
memory: normal
speed: 0 feeds in conn:991 read:91 parse:241 store:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
keepread: yes

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When you say it is missing the unread stories, what exactly do you mean? Are the unread counts on the feed list incorrect? When you tap into a feed or folder, are there any stories there at all, or just fewer than you expect?  What feed/folder are you reading, and with what settings?

Everytime I open the Newsblur app it looks like this

After pulling to refresh it looks something like this

A few notes.
It is clearly pulling down the stories in the background as it will show how many it is downloading, and it is always a small number, no matter how many stories I have.
I can reliably reproduce this issue by closing the app and reopening it.

Gotcha.  That is particularly odd.  If you swipe/kill the app from recents and then immediately re-open it, does it still show zero counts for everything?

Yep. That is exactly what I did to get these screenshots.

Mine does the same thing, thanks for reporting this!

Yikes.  Sounds like something is killing parts of the app but not others in a non-standard way.  Did this by any chance start happening in Android 5.0.2?

That is possible. For me this has been going on for quite a while. I am just usually connected so it hasn’t usually been a big deal. I seem to remember that I joined the NewsBlur Beta and upgraded to Android 5.0 around the same time. I believe this started happening around then. Sorry, but I cannot confirm more specifically than that.

4.6.0b1 appears to have fixed this. Or at least made it much less frequent.

Yeah, this is another one of those device-specific bugs that I haven’t been able to see for myself, so I can only take blind shots at it.  Definitely keep the info coming if you see any patterns or have any device specifics you can share!

Will do. Let me know if there are any kind of logs that I can get you that would help.