Android app opens a different article than the one i selected

When I open a feed that has a couple dozen articles, after a while newsblur will get out of sync. When I tap an article it will open one that I skipped earlier in the list. Out will continue this behavior until I force quit or wait until the ago is released. Happens on phone and tablet, both on 4.2.2.


We’re about to release v2.1 today, which might fix this issue. Stay tuned and let me know if it doesn’t work.

This still happens on 2.1.2, but noticeably less frequently than before. Usually happens in a group feed that has 30+ stories in it.

Has this happened since 2.1.2 on any non-social feeds or folders? Trying to track down a way to reproduce this, still . . .

this still happens on 2.1.2. My feeds are all news feeds or blogs, eg. BBC-US&Canada, Engadget, The Verge, etc. I don’t use newsblur to track social sites.