Android app: One folder always displays blank

This only occurs on the Android App and only for one particular folder

The folder lists circa 300 unread items. When I click on the folder, the busy icon spins and the “Loading stories…” message displays in the middle. The busy icon eventually stops but the Loading stories message remains. No stories are ever listed no matter how long I wait.

Changing the story order or the read filter displays the same behavior. I can’t ever display the stories in that folder

Note: If I click on the various feeds inside that folder, their items do display and can be read. If I then go back to open the folder, the last fetched items from the feeds that I had previously opened are listed (depending on the read filter). Presumably this is because they have been downloaded and cached. However items from all the other feeds in that folder are not displayed.

I have 10 folders and this behavior only occurs on this one. it contains about 460 feeds.

username: koranteng
misbehaving folder: Africa

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Unfortunately, this is a known issue. Any folder with more than about 100 feeds in it is going to work poorly until we can come up with a fix.