Android app not loading feed data (fixed in 13.2.2)

For the last day or so, the Android app isn’t loading new feed info. It will repeatedly try the “catching up on” action, and going into a feed shows an indefinite loading screen.

Here is a video showing the problem: Dropbox - 2024-03-31 12.18.11.mp4 - Simplify your life

I just downloaded the latest update (13.2.2) and it is now working. When I was experiencing the issue, I likely had the version right before that.

Sorry about that, took a couple tries. And just FYI, you’re on the open testing (beta) track. It’s early access but sometimes we deploy bad builds that need a couple days to stabilize.

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I have 13.1.2 on Android 7.0 and there are no updates in the Play store. I have not got any feed updates since about 1st April.