Android app marking stories as unread too quickly

i’m finding that, starting sometime yesterday, the android app (which i did not upgrade yesterday) is doing the processing for marking things unread VERY quickly. things are disappearing from the list so quickly as i swipe them i accidentally end up clicking or swiping the next thing which takes that physicial space. if i try to open and read an unread article, it will reload to a blank screen within a few sconds. if i read an article from the already-read folder, it’s fine, as there’s no more read-flag processing to do and so nothing interrupts.

Hmm, we haven’t released an Android app update in a few weeks. Is it possible something changed on your device? @andrei Any thoughts as to what this could be?

ah, there was a new version of webview recently! i’ll try to track down a downgrade and test.

nope, still happening after going down from 117.0.5938.60 to 116.0.5845.163

@steanne Could you post a screen recording while this is happening? Also if you have developer options already turned on, please enable the “Show taps” option for the video.

how does one record the screen?

You might have an app already install out of the box for screen recording or some devices have an option in the quick toggle menu that you swipe from the top of the status bar. If those are not present then installing a recording application would be the next suggestion if you’re willing to do it.