Android app lists no feeds that aren't in folders

In the Android app, the only Feeds I can select individually are those within folders. Feeds that are outside folders (the majority, for me) are not listed in the app, and their stories are only visible under All Stories.


Noted. Will address in a coming update. (This is actually a regression that we tried to fix right before shipping)

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Is this ever going to get fixed?

It should have been fixed from yesterday’s update.

Didn’t seem to be – I had to move my feeds into a folder to make them show up, nothing at top-level showed up. And yes, I installed an updated app.

The update didn’t help this issue for me, either.

The update didn’t resolve this problem for me. I only see feeds in folders in “All” mode. In “Unread” mode I don’t see any individual feeds.

Didn’t fix it for me either (Nexus 7).

This is tonight’s priority. We’ll hopefully have this fixed soon. Thanks for waiting so long. I have many, many priorities, but this one has finally risen to the top.

same on verizon galaxy nexus on android 4.2.2

This has now been fixed. Download the latest Android app (released this weekend). There is still a small bug affecting a few accounts where the top level appears twice, but that will be fixed soon.

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