Android app items not being marked as read, and other update problems

I’m using the latest android app (can’t find an about to tell you the version).

while reading individual items from the “All Stories” tab, when I return to the menu, and go back in to the stories, I nearly always find that some have been marked as read but some have not. Those not marked can be a little group in the middle of the list, with those either side properly marked read.

Some days even while reading the all stories feed, I get the same items reappearing. Several times I’ve had between 3 and half a dozen items in a loop reminiscent of groundhog day! The only way out of that seems to have been to reverse out, go back in, read a few, go back out, repeat and it clears.

occasionally even at home with a strong wifi signal, if I mark a story saved, it does not save and I get a hovering message to tell me that. Pressing save again usually works but sometimes the third or even the fourth attempt worked.

It would be good to be able to get to this site by a link from the app.


What phone and version of Android are you running?

nexus 4, nexus 7. android 4.2.2.

Just come across something even more weird: I read some items, returned to the main screen where the unread total dropped from 48 to 27. then I went back into All stories. The items I’d just read were still there. so I went back to the main screen and it showed 48 unread. Those 11 had magically been marked as unread.

While it is certainly not uncommon to experience occasional connectivity issues (we’re working on making the network handling more robust at this very moment) yours do sound worse than usual. Do you have an unusually large number of feeds? Are you running any custom task managment or battery saving apps? The experience on the Nexus 4 should be very nearly flawless on wifi in particular.

Sorry for delay. No, I don’t think that 28 sites is unusually large! My Nexus 4 runs BatteryGuru which is made by Qualcomm, the people whose processor powers the phone. It does not try to manage the NewsBlur app, but it does switch off wi-fi when the phone is OFF or away from any known wifi site that I use. During the problem mentioned above, I was at home, and the wi-fi signal remained strong.

I have also read all of the items, gone back to the main screen where it has shown a NEGATIVE number (presumably I’ve read some items that came after the totals were calculated). However, on refreshing, the number jumped to positive and when I went back in to the All Stories, there were some items I’d just read.

BTW, I love the ability to touch and hold a story, and choose “mark all previous read”. Excellent.