Android app for self-hosted NewsBlur?

I know this question probably sounds like freeloading, but it’s not, I’m a premium member since yesterday :wink: Nevertheless, I’m considering setting up a NewsBlur instance on my own server and have been wondering if there is any Android client which allows setting the API endpoint URL or for that matter whether the official client might support something like that in the future?


Yes, I plan on introducing preferences into both iOS and Android, but not until after I ship the coming re-design (the one on dev is actually completely built and ready to go for iOS).

Having taken my own crack at both hosting NB and building the Android app from scratch, I can tell you that if you can manage the former, the latter is a breeze!

The actaul endpoint isn’t currently abstracted out that well (though it will be before long), but a little grepping does the trick nicely.

Any news here? :slight_smile:

So the endpoint is now extracted, you just need to launch Android Studio and change to your own domain. It’s all on under clients/Android.