Android app does not update feeds on Cell network

Using NewBlur on Android - CyanogenMod 10.1.3 and 10.2 (many different nightly version) on 2 different phones does not work on cell network, but does with wifi. Appears to have happened since the last update. At first I thought it was just a bad flash or the nightly, but now I have tested on a stable with a whole different phone and same thing. The 2 phones are Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Note 2.

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Are you able to browse the web or use other apps over the cell network?

Did you do a complete wipe before installing or upgrading CM? I made the mistake of using their automatic updater and my radios were really messed up until I wiped and did a clean install.

Yep, full wipe / factory reset and yes all other apps seem to work just fine on the cell network, such as chrome, default web browser, gmail, calendar, maps, etc, etc.

Very strange. I have been running 1.2 on my Galaxy Nexus for about a month now without any problems. I just checked to make sure I’m running the newest version of NewsBlur and it seems that I am since there are no updates available. I was poking around to see if there are any settings that restrict access by app and the only thing I found was just for background data in the data usage settings. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

So later today I’m going to be releasing v3.5 of the Android app and it has a completely rewritten parallel network stack. It’s much, much faster, and very well may handle your issue. Look forward to it!

Awesome. I look forward to it :slight_smile:

Just updated and tried it with no luck. Seems faster on wifi, but again does not work on the Cell network… Quite odd… and kinda annoying :frowning:

You may have accidentally turned off mobile data. If you can make calls/sms but can’t browser the web with WiFi off this is the most likely culprit.

Nope, I can access the internet through all other programs I have (as mentioned in a reply above). I have also double checked data just for fun and its enabled.

I think I saw another update after 3.5 come out, but still no love. Wifi works awesome though :smiley: Nice and fast.

It almost sounds like something is blocking your access to the NewsBlur servers on mobile nets. The app doesn’t do anything different (or even know about) wifi vs. mobile.

Can you access in your browser when on mobile data?

I’m able to go to and login to the website with both chrome and what ever the default browser in Android is called. But going to the program and going to a feed I get “error loading stories”, and it just keeps poping that message up over and over again.

OK, fixed issue. Upgraded to a Android 4.4 version and it seems to be working now. It may of been because I was using titanium backup to restore my google authenticator / authenticator between major android versions? It was only the authenticators because they can be a pain to restore some times.

Any who, all good now.

Glad to hear it. I use Titanium for very few things. Things just don’t work right sometimes when you restore a backup in a different version.