Android app crashing when marking a folder as read

Every time I try to mark a folder as read using the Android app, the app force-closes :frowning:

I’m happy using the web interface for now but mobile use was a significant reason I used Google Reader; if this keeps up for too long I’ll have to find an alternative. Which is a shame because I’m very happy with NewsBlur so far :slight_smile:


Looks like this might be getting fixed … from NewsBlur’s Twitter feed:

“The NewsBlur Android app needs a metric ton of love. If you’re a talented Android developer, I want to hire you!

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This is awesome news as the Android app is not really useable at the moment and needs some serious development.

Did you get the option to send an error report when it crashed? Did you submit it?

Yes to both.

Would be interested to know if the latest update to the Android app fixes your issues.

The latest update fixed it :slight_smile: There is another much less significant bug that I’ll log sparkly. Separately. GDYAC.