Android app: combine share and save buttons

99% of my shared items are also my saved items (and vice versa). I would like to see a third button in the Android app, that combines “Share” and “Save” actions into a single tap.

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So for every story you share you also save? I would either hit the save button first (as the share buttons takes you to the comment dialog) or setup an IFTTT receipt that automatically saves your shared stories. 

That’s an uncommon use case, so it wouldn’t be supported by default. Sharing a story is essentially the same as saving it. Shared and saved story are permanent, one is public and the other is private.

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Fair enough. Although, are they really the same? I can “unsave” a previously saved story but I don’t see the “unshare” option in a shared story UI.

Automation via IFTTT is not an option for me: there is a small number of stories I want to keep in just one bucket (either shared or saved but not both).

Anyway, I can understand this might be a very uncommon scenario for most users. I’ll just keep tapping both buttons.