Android App bugging

This bug is “really old” but I was just able to record my screen and make this post today.

Well… I do not know exactly why but when I open “All Articles” and after reading a few articles sometimes the newsblur app updates all feeds or at least one feed and because the app downloaded the new feed the app puts this new downloaded feed in the “All Articles” section so because of this update when I Scrool to read the next article the app crashes and does not load the next article, and also marks one article in the Top as read, so I was not able to read 1 article because the app did not load this article,then I click in the android menu to return and the app select one article as read… (I end up needing to mark 2 articles as unread every time tha this bug happens).

This happens only when I connected to the internet.

In the videos you will see that I used the training tool, but I do no thing that the app “crashed” just because I had an active internet connection and because I used the training tool…

Sometimes this bug happens 5+ times during the day and sometimes doesn’t happen during the whole week. This bug is pretty annoying.

https:// (first video download link) (for some reason newsblur forum didnt’ recongnize this video)

You can watch the second video below.

Does this happen to anybody else? I was not able to reproduce the bug so I want to figure out how often this is happening. We record all crashes and attempt to fix them.

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Yes it happens because sometime ago I’ve seen a topic like this one a created now and the guy tried to describe the same problem,I also commented on his topic…

Sometimes happens and sometimes does not happen,
How to reproduce the bug
First step you need to be connected to the internet
2 you need to open the “all articles tabs”
3 you need to read at least a few articles
4 swipe left to go to the next article (in other others do not click on android return button to open next articles)
5 I’m not sure now but you probably need to wait newsblur app to try to update all feeds or at least one feed and at least one feed needs to have new articles then the bug can be reproduced or you just need to follow all the 4 steps and train 1+ articles and the bug will happen…

We need to figure out what’s exactly the 5 step,I said what I’m guessing that’s the bug but I’m not sure…