Android app beta 2

So the post-all stories refresh problem is fixed. The sync issue between the app and the desktop is still broken though. Just a refresher for the problem:

  1. open app, sync stories (no download stories options enabled in settings, unread only viewing mode)
  2. read stories on desktop
  3. refresh app, observe correct adjustment of unread counts
  4. open feed that was read on desktop, observe read stories still in bold as if unread

5) hit mark feed as read…the app says marked as read, and goes back to the main screen and refreshes
6) go back to the same feed, stories still there in bold as if unread

they only clear from the app if they are manually read by the app

one other tiny issue is with marking as unread…it works fine as one would expect, but the little dialog that says story marked as unread doesnt pop up


Thanks for the writeup. I’ll get these addressed.…

Beta 3 fixed mark all as read and the mark as unread popup, so everything from bonus down is fixed…still having the main 1-4 sync problem though

so looking at that github link, this theoretically should have been fixed in beta 3?

There are some issues with multiple mark-read in B3, though they are fixed for the next release.

The issues described in 1-4 are improved in B3, such that they only happen if you switch from desktop reading to mobile reading *very* quickly. In all cases, having background sync enabled improves things noticably.

I just tried again with beta 4…the timing of the switch doesn’t seem to matter for me (I triaged my feeds when I woke up on the phone, then completed reading about an hour later and all the stories that synced were still there) Also, background sync enabled (assuming you mean the download stories preference) actually exacerbates the problem, as every story that gets pulled in in the background by the app but read on the desktop gets limboed.

Try this: when switching from web to mobile, pull to refresh on the feed list and let the sync finish before tapping into a feed or folder. Does that help? (you shouldn’t need to, but still trying to get a handle on why this is happening)

No change with pull to refresh

And, in beta4, after tapping into a feed (not a folder) and staying on the story list, do the stories’ unread statuses eventually end up correct when the loading indicator finishes running?

No they appear unread (bold)…the unread counts in the feed list correctly ignore the read ones though

sweet…looks like this has been squashed in 4rc1…thanks!

Thanks for sticking with the bug reports!

Not sure if I should start a new topic or just keep it rolling here…but this bug has returned in 4.1.0 (just the 1-4 not the bonus stuff)