[Android app] All stories view never loads.

On the Android app, when I select All Stories, it moves to the next view and it just sits there with no data transferring and it never load the stories. I was able to repro this on two different devices so it could be one of my feeds jacking it up.

Device: Motorola Triumph
Carrier: Virgin Mobile
Version: Android 2.2.2

Device: LG Nexus 4
Carrier: T-Mobile
Version: Android 4.2.2

Let me know what you need from me and how to get it so I can help you track the root cause down.


I believe there is a fix for this coming soon.

I am having a similar problem. When I click on “All Stories” I am just presented with a list of stories I have already read; not my unread stories. When the “Unread” option at the bottom of the screen is selected I don’t want *any* already read stories showing up in this view. I have only just signed up for Newsblur and have over 350 feeds, so is this likely to be the cause?

There is no “unread-only” view for All Stories in the present release. This is, however, coming in the next release.

I understand that, but I *only* see read stories. The stories that are listed as unread don’t show up. I’m only shown stuff I’ve already seen.

We’ll be launching a fix for this bug tomorrow, as soon as I get the repo cleaned up a bit.