Android: Add option for notifications

Please add option in settings to be able not to show those ‘Stories marked as read’ notifications.

app version: 4.3.2
android version: 5.1
device: LGE LG-H815 (msm8992)
username: tsuominen
memory: normal
speed: 72 feeds in conn:742 read:3 parse:23 store:66
premium: yes
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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You mean the toasts (the little boxes that pop up after you perform an action)?  We have a standing action item to change them over to the newer-style bars that appear at the bottom of the screen after an action, usually with an undo option.  Would that be sufficient, or would you rather have nothing at all?

I would prefer having an option to have nothing at all.

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Yes, this is a great idea. I’d love to turn those off as well. In fact, why do we have them? Let’s just get rid of them. You know the mark read action worked because you got kicked back to the feed list.

Honestly no idea.  They have been there since the beginning.  I have been silently removing them when there is already a clear UI reaction to doing something (commenting, starring, etc), but can happily get rid of these, too.

Ohh, so they are from the original? Gone! Take 'em out.

Now with a ticket: