Android: 538 feed truncated



I’m a few weeks behind on the fivethirtyeight feed. A couple of days ago all stories before the 21st disappeared. What happened?

app version: 10.0
android version: 11 (RP1A.201005.004)
device: Google Pixel 2 XL (taimen)
sqlite version: 3.28.0
username: BenjaminGriffith
server: default
speed: 217 feeds in conn:1061 read:15 parse:35 store:39
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: no
notifications: no
keepread: no
thumbs: yes


Are you on Unread Only mode? Looking at the feed there are hundreds of stories stretching back, so I think it might be your filter on the app.


Nope, not on Unread Only mode. But my feed for 538 is, not the one you posted. If I look at the one you posted I can see the older stories. Is there a way to subscribe to yours and bring in the training on did on mine?


Unfortunately you’ll have to retrain, but if you open up the trainer on the web it should be easy to spot what you liked and disliked and transfer it over. If you have dozens of tags and titles, I can do it for you, just let me know your username (since the feed ids are already handily written down here).