Am I my wife?

Hi Samuel,
A problem appeared today. I logon as me (jeffbeechg) but see my wife’s (susanbeechg) RSS feeds. This occurs on IE and Chrome, but the iOS app is still displaying correctly.
Please can you find out what’s wrong.
Thanks kindly,

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I would just log out and log back in. I switch accounts regularly for testing and haven’t seen any issues like that.

Hi Samuel,

This is odd. I’m logged in successfully on my desktop. However, when I attempt to login from my laptop, I get put through to my wife’s RSS feeds. I have logged on and off. I have used two different browsers, I have rebooted several times but I consistently get my wife’s feeds. I’m afraid to logoff on my desktop as I’ll probably never see my feeds again.

Any ideas please?

Thanks kindly,


That’s bullshit, sorry

Hi Sam,

That’s not a very nice reply. I’m telling you the truth. Please help me resolve this mystery.



It could be that your ISP is doing some aggressive caching which is causing this. Have you tried logging out, then connecting via another method such as through your phone via mobile hotspot, and then logging back in?

Hi Vezbim,

I am able, via the same ISP, to connect successfully on my iPad and Desktop. It’s the laptop that’s thus far causing grief. I’m extremely reluctant to logout of the iPad or Desktop as I’m concerned that I’d never see my feeds again.

I’m wondering if something’s glitched on the Newsblur servers as my wife and I are both on the same account (I paid for both subscriptions).

Regards, Jeff

I’m not Sam , please, clean your cookies and that should do the deal

Is it possible that your laptop is configured to use your ISP’s cache, while your desktop and iPad are not?

My laptop and I are not together at the moment, I’ll try again later today and give an update. Thankyou for the suggestions thus far.

what do you mean by “on the same account”? You and your wife should have different usernames.

You have cookies and they probably aren’t being cleared, as “nuts” said above. Specifically, the “newsblur_sessionid” cookie under

It’ll help if you provide more information- is “Desktop” running windows or OSX or something else? What browser are you using? Have you tried clearing your newsblur cookies, or do you need more information on how to do this?

What are your two usernames? You should see the username at the top of the screen on both ios and web (and soon android). Don’t worry about logging out. As long as you know your usernames you’ll be able to get back in.

Hi Samuel,

The two usernames are jeffbeechg & susanbeechg. I’m away from my laptop right now. I’ll try again later today and update this ‘ticket’.

I use the OpenDNS client on my laptop and I’m wondering if that’s causing a problem, so I’ll turn it off and see what happens

For tedder42 (a fellow motorcyclist) my desktop & laptop are both Win7 x64. Browsers are IE11 and Chrome.

Regards, Jeff

Well guys, here’s the solution to the problem I posted.

If I sign on with (my e-mail address and my password) or (my wife’s userid and her password} then I get my wife’s feeds
If I sign on with my userid (instead of my e-mail address) and my password then I get my feeds.

So it seems that my e-mail address is tied to my wife’s feeds. It’s not what I’d expect but now I know hopefully I’ll remember it.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

Feel free to close this ticket.