Alter Feed view scrolling behaviour

One of my favorite features of the Feed view is that clicking the story titles in the list down below causes the view to scroll so that story header is at the top of the screen. This does not work on the currently active story.

The following often happens to me:

I’m reading Story #1, and I scroll down with my mousewheel such that a sliver of the gray story header of the next story, Story #2, is viewable. Now Story #2 is the active story (even though 99% of the Feed view is still dedicated to Story #1, and I’m actually still reading Story #1). As a result, If I click the title of Story #2 down in the list of stories, Story #2 will no longer jump to the top of the screen.

I would prefer it if NewsBlur’s behaviour was altered in two ways:

  1. Clicking a story title should always cause the Feed view to scroll such that the story’s header is at the top of the screen, regardless of the currently active story or where the story is currently scrolled to.

  2. A story should not become active until the Feed view has scrolled enough for the story’s content to become visible. The header being visible isn’t enough.


I like the idea of having the story scroll to the top if you click it in the story titles pane. But before we get to that, have you ever locked the mouse indicator (the little dorito on the left-hand side of the story pane)? Try locking that. That means you have to either scroll or click a story. Moving your mouse will no longer automatically select a story. I think you’ll be most happy with that solution.

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I never knew what the Dorito was for! Yup, that fixes the annoyance that I was having.

I still think it would be useful to be able to scroll to the top of the current story by clicking its title in the bottom list.

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