Allow user to select text of article title

Please allow the text of the article’s title to be selected and thus be able to be copied. I have some RSS feeds of images, and I save pictures I like – and when I do so I usually get a description of the image (taken from part of the article’s title) and insert it into the image’s filename.


You can select it, it just won’t highlight. I turned off text highlighting on the titles because they would get accidentally selected all the time.

As far as I can make work, it’s only selectable if you start dragging from somewhere outside the title, which 1) makes it hard to know you can even select it and 2) makes it hard to select just the text you want.

Maybe you could add to the popup menu an option to copy the story title?

No matter what, even if you could see the title being highlighted, you would have difficulty selecting it, as it’s a link.

@aaron isn’t that what happens already? Next to the Open button in the title dropdown I get a textfield that contains the actual story link…

@nick The textfield contains the url of the story, not the title of the story.

@samuel Now that I know it’s selectable, I can quite easily select the title by starting my dragging far enough to the right that I’m not on the link, and dragging to the beginning of the title.

I say “quite easily”, but it would of course be easier if I could see it highlight.

@aaron That’s what I get for trying to do too many things at once.

ok, thanks for the info. Interesting to know it has an ‘invisible selection’.

FWIW, I’m doubtful that they’d get accidentally highlighted with much frequency. I’ve never had that problem with other readers (in which you could normally select the titles). And I don’t see why it’s a problem if they are accidentally highlighted, any more than it is when you accidentally highlight any text.